Report a missed collection

If, for reasons of access, our collection vehicles miss a road, they return later in the day where possible.

Our collections run up to 10pm on the day of the scheduled collection, so you can report a missed domestic waste and recycling bin collection from 10pm on your normal collection day until 6pm the following working day. Outside of these times we cannot book a replacement collection for you.

Report a missed collection

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House or converted flat missed collection


Flats with communal bins missed collection


Trade waste missed collection

Reasons for missed bin collections

Missed collections can be caused by various reasons, including:

  • no road access, roadworks or vehicle breakdown, in which case we'll reschedule the collection for the next day
  • wrong materials placed in a wheelie bin, including contaminated recycling
  • extra bags not fitting in a wheelie bin – the lid must close (with the exception of excess recyclable material in see-through bags or thick cardboard placed next to your brown bin)
  • bin not being placed on the property’s boundary on collection day
  • severe weather conditions


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